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3 Interview Mistakes Seasoned Professionals Often Make

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Once you’ve made up your mind to find a new role inevitably you will go through the interview process. Although your experience will serve you well and you have probably been part of an interview panel in the past it is easy to become overconfident and inadvertently project arrogance.

This will hinder your chances of landing a new role especially if you come across as inflexible.

Let’s look at other mistakes seasoned pros often make.

Not Keeping the Interview Panel on your Side

You may encounter a situation where the interview panel’s beliefs on workflow and other systems are almost in direct conflict with yours. Rather than shooting them down with your arguments a better approach is to be accommodating and cite examples where your ideas and systems worked better.

This may inspire a brief discussion on working practices and it shows the interview panel that you have something new to bring to your future employers.

At all costs try not to come into direct conflict with the panel.

Assuming you Know Everything

Despite decades of experience, it is important that you come across as approachable. Your aim is to strike a balance between your knowledge and experience, and be open to new ideas and practices even if you may not agree with them.

Taking an approach that you have all the answers already could make you seem arrogant to the interview panel. To some, you may come across as being difficult to work with.

This is especially true when you give a presentation. It is too easy to come across as condescending when answering a question. Listen to the question and answer it in a friendly, professional tone.

Although the interview process is a test of your skills and experience, at the end of it the panel will become your colleagues and as such you should try to look at this as an opportunity for them to see you as the diligent worker you are while trying to get to know them.

Never think of the Interview as a Formality

It is essential that you have confidence during the interview process. You are qualified, experienced, and a seasoned pro in your niche. Who would not want to employ someone with these qualities? Here’s the thing, your competition may be equally as qualified and may have an ace card to play.

With this in mind, you should never assume you’re going to walk the interviews simply based on how good you look on paper. You still have to bring your A game to the interview to pass it.

Perfect your Interview Skills for Executive Success

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