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Google adds video and audio voicemail to Duo

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Rolling out to Android and iOS starting today.

Google Duo has become one of the best video-calling apps around, and today it’s adding a helpful tool for when contacts you try to reach aren’t available.


Next time you call someone on Duo and they don’t answer, you’ll have an option to leave them a video message. Messages can be up to 30-seconds long, and once you’re happy with how your message turns out, you can send it to whoever you’re trying to reach.

The recipient of your video message will see it the next time they open the Duo app, and after they view it for the first time, it’ll automatically disappear after 24 hours. However, if they want to save your message for safekeeping, there will be an option to save it locally on their device.

Additionally, if you like using Duo for voice calls, you’ll also have the option of leaving traditional audio-only messages.

Google’s rolling out this functionality to Duo’s Android and iOS apps now, and it should be available across the globe over the coming days.

Download: Google Duo (free)

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